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We can help you with a fresh design for your website or for your business branding. Choose from the predesigned solutions we offer or hire us for custom made solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Why us?

E-Instant Basics Store aims to provide our customers with tailor made solutions to their needs as simply and instantly as possible keeping the quality and performance as a priority.
Our team’s dedication and determination makes everything possible!

Our Services

Marketing Strategy

Not only do we help design your brand and website, we also help you with the web-based marketing strategies to grow your brand.

Graphic Design

Logos, Banners, Brochures, Web - All designs simply delivered. Let's talk!


We understand that sometimes just a tailor made solution isn't enough. Some projects need more time and resources than others. We have the options to help you continue with specified consultants on a long term basis, without the management woes. Isn't that great?

Existing Project Maintenance

A project doesn't only need creation, it needs maintenance too! We understand that and offer cost effective maintenance solutions.


There is a designer in each one of us. The right guidance is all that's needed to bring your design quotient out. We can help you with that.

Web development

You will find our web development services to be simple, easy and affordable. While there are many complex design trends, we believe in getting your point across in the simplest way possible.

Logo Samples

"Let's talk!"